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Biotechnology Community Roundtable

A roundtable discussion on the future of biotechnology and life sciences in the province that included leading scientists, early-stage investigators and relevant stakeholders from the government and industry.

The purpose of the event is to help us to connect to colleagues within KP’s life sciences and biotechnology community and create a platform where we can come together and brainstorm how we foresee the future of biotechnology in KP, both in academia and in industry. With all stakeholders present, it will be also a great chance to table our concerns and recommend what role should each be playing to nurture the biotechnology sector.

Panel Discussion

The panel discussion will have opening remarks from the two organizing parties on the panel who will help us in framing the discussion on the ‘Future of Biotechnology and Life Sciences in KP’ by sharing their thoughts.

  • Mr Abid Sohail, Deputy Director, Directorate of Science and Technology, GoKP
  • Mr Zahoor Ul Haq, Director, Directorate of Science and Technology, GoKP
  • Dr Sohail A. Qureshi, Professor, Institute of Integrative Biosciences, CECOS University
  • Dr Faisal F. Khan, Director, Institute of Integrative Biosciences, CECOS University

Roundtable Discussion

The floor will then be opened for a moderated discussion on the topic in which every member of the conference can contribute. Key questions that will be addressed are as follows. Members of the roundtable are expected to prepare and organize their thoughts in advance.

  • What are the barriers we see in academic research?
  • What role can each stakeholder play – schools, universities, government and the industry?
  • Where do we see ourselves in 5 years? And 10 years time?
  • How do we address the question of ‘critical mass’?
  • Where is our policy for S&T? for Biotechnology?