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The Inception of iGEMers

“What I cannot create, I do not understand” forms one of the founding concepts of Synthetic Biology (SynBio). The meaning is crystal clear, to design, build and assemble such biological devices and biologically engineered systems that are able to address and solve the colossal real world problems in an efficient and accurate manner. For beginners, the Synthetic Biology is an attractive, newly born and rapidly growing field, which came into being after the engineering and construction of entire functional bacterial genome by Dr. Craig Venter and his colleagues. Generally, the field that couples the principles of engineering with that of the molecular biology is well known as synthetic biology.
SynBio is one of the exquisite and sky rocketing addition to the world of technology, where the young scholars encourage science fiction and find it pretty interesting to culture and engineer bacteria in order to find solutions to the most burning questions of the scientific world. International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition is a platform where students from multiple domains from all across the world each year come together and address various issues by playing, assembling, operating and engineering the biological parts together in one device or system.
Dr. Faisal Khan and IIB, CECOS University are privileged by bringing together best brains from all across the country under the single banner of iGEM Peshawar 2016, which is the first ever team that will represent Pakistan on an international forum. I still remember the interview to be one of the tough nuts to crack. In the first week, it was quite interesting and exciting to meet the eleven new members of the iGEM Peshawar 2016 family, who came from different domains, fields, and cities. Furthermore, the first week was a roller-coaster of scanning and skimming research papers, brainstorming and refining ideas then pitching them and shooting them down, in order to grab an insight into doing something innovative and adding novelty to the exciting biological parts in the iGEM Registry of Standard of Biological Parts. We all are hoping to do something new and remarkable in the field of synthetic biology.

Maliha Mashkoor, 22, Peshawar

Week 1.

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