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Babe-Khyber Peshawar
Babe-Khyber – Peshawar


Greetings, World!

Rayyan here, logging in for my first week at iGEM Peshawar. Lest it is unknown, we are the first iGEM team from Pakistan! Greatness awaits us.

The first week was an amazing experience. Never had I thought the team that was picked would consist of people from every province and domain of our country. The collaborative team effort is an integral part of the whole experience.

The city itself is an amazing backdrop to the whole experience. It adds a lot to it. Peshawar offers a thrilling mix of sights and aromas to all its visitors. Let’s not forget the Pushtoon hospitality which is a huge part of the culture here.

Too excited or what awaits us next! Hopefully, we will bring some recognition and respect to our country.

Pakistan! Represent!

Rayyan Tariq Khan, Age 23, Lahore

Week 1.

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